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The Corpse Synod: When a Stagnant Pontiff Was Dupe Tryout

Updated on February 22, 2017

Doyen Traylor


Doyen Traylor is a freelancer author and instructor. He wrote for IHPVA magazines and raced these vehicles with his sire (who builds them).

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In 897 A.D., Catholic Pontiff Stephen (VI) VII had a score against a forerunner. Infuriated by the actions attached by Pontiff Formosus almost 30 days earliest, the new pontiff cherished justness by any way requisite. And the necessity activity he took was to put Pontiff Formosus on tryout – contempt organism beat for ix months.

This detail test was known as the Stiff Synod (alias the Corpse Tryout or, in Latin, the Synodus Horrenda). In one of the strangest events in the story of the chivalric pontificate, a utter pontiff was exhumed, tested by a pontifical homage and constitute shamed of crimes that would be considered kid by today’s standards. Yet butt this mack tryout, a political battle betwixt herculean European families was at gambol. And it would be this gage of knightly government that would birth dangerous repercussions for Pontiff Stephen VI, and the recent Pontiff Formosus.

The Synod’s Origins

Although the Sanctum Roman Imperium had emperors, the popes had the exponent, for they ruled concluded a federation of European states and kingdoms slackly machine-accessible by the Catholic Church. They could determine the luck of countries; announce wars; or crest emperors and kings passim Europe. This was especially rightful during the 9th hundred when Rome and Italy were joined by precarious governments and interior hullabaloo.

Yet, with all the index these popes had, they were normally aligned or controlled by knock-down patrician families. In many cases, these families gained index by electing a pontiff. This kinship oftentimes bleary the demarcation ‘tween who was in exponent and who was existence controlled.

From this agitation, the Clay Synod’s origins were innate. Nonetheless, often of the scheme establish arse the scenes of apostolic superpower was not exhausted before of the populace. Rather, the trueness was covered up. The “official accusation” of this tribulation was an model.

Formosus apace came to a root to his trouble; he “invited” the Franks to overrun Italy. Arnuf duty-bound in 896, deposing L.

The bearing levied against Formosus by Pontiff Stephen VI was that he profaned church law by helping as Bishop of Rome piece he was distillery the bishop of a dissimilar episcopate ( Christianity-guide , 2011). The charges, nonetheless, hid a substantial need; Formosus supported Stephen and his ally’s enemies for the Sanctum Roman Empire’s jacket.

During his pontificate, Formosus had been strained to crest L, a son of the hefty Duke of Spoleto, as co-ruler of the Sanctum Roman Imperium. Notwithstanding, Formosus was no alleyway to the Spoleto phratry. He favourite the illicit descendent of Charlemagne and leader of the Frankish multitude, Arnuf of Carinthia.

Formosus speedily came to a root to his trouble; he “invited” the Franks to infest Italy. Arnuf duty-bound in 896, deposing L. The pontiff haggard no clock crowning Arnuf as the new Emperor.

This didn’t finish hanker. Arnuf was stricken with palsy during a campaign, and Formosus died on April 4, 896.

Formosus’s replacement, Pontiff Innkeeper VI didn’t finale foresighted. Fortnight afterwards rise to the pontificate, Innkeeper died of what many think was urarthritis. Others, trust he may get been constrained bent piddle way for Stephen VI (and, as a incline tone, Innkeeper would suffer his own synod in 898, in which Trick IX marked his election as nix and nullity).

Stephen VI’s prevail as pontiff didn’t end farseeing, either. It lasted only a class and a one-half, and practically of that clip was centered on this tribulation against Formosus.

The Visitation

Patch the run was seen as strictly political, it may sustain too been a maneuver to protect his take to the pontificate. According to the defunct website, , Stephen may birth been hangdog of committing the like typewrite of offence he levied against his precursor.

Stephen had suit the bishop of Rome spell service as bishop of Anagni. Formosus had dedicated Stephen as a bishop during this meter. Nevertheless, by annulling Formosus preceding acts as a pontiff; it negated Stephen’s own misdemeanor and made him lawfully eligible for the pontificate.

And, naturally, the run allowed Stephen the prospect to put L of Spoleto binding in mightiness. Contempt this craft and discernment political progress Stephen’s role, the test was outdo remembered for its mack spectacle and its wake.

For the run, Formosus was exhumed, garbed in his apostolic vestments, and propped on a stool for a test at the Basilica of St. Privy Lateran in Rome (The tribulation was fueled by insistency from the Spoleto aggroup and Stephen’s own ferocity).


Formosus was precondition effectual counseling. A deacon was prescribed to result all questions levied against the accused. Stephen served as chieftain prosecutor, in which he scan the accusations against Formosus, then yelled his arguments at the cadaver. Course, the cadaver had no contention, therefore leadership to a terminal verdict of shamed.

As a resultant of the verdict, Formosus was bare of his sanctified vestments, clothed in layperson clothe, had 3 fingers hacked off his right (the ones victimized for benedictions), had all his ordinations annulled, and was interred. But, burying wasn’t beneficial plenty. Formosus was afterwards re-exhumed and thrown in the TiberRiver.

So, this unknown report takes another biz bit. Reports started surfacing that the torso water-washed abreast the banks of the river. Rumors swirled that the cadaver was now playing miracles. This finally led to appal among the citizens and the identical herculean kinsfolk that supported Stephen.

The scandalization of the test made Stephen passing unpopular

As a termination, Formosus was acquiring his retaliation from the dangerous. The synod did picayune to assistant Stephen. In decree to be in index in Rome, L and his generate Ageltrude renounced their broader claims in primal Italy.

The appall of the run made Stephen passing unpopular. Inside a few months of complemental the Synods, he was stripped-down of superpower, jailed, so executed by throttling.

The Corpse Synod was finally annulled in December 897 by Pontiff Theodore II. Late, Pontiff Bathroom IX besides invalidated the synod and logical the “acta” of the Cadever Synod ruined, and out any futurity visitation of a departed.

This formally put an end to the tribulation. Nonetheless, it was not the finale sentence Formosus would be cod a test. Disdain Can IX’s decree, Pontiff Sergius III, a bishop, co-judge in the Synod, and friend of Stephen VI reaffirmed Formosus’ sentence.

In 904, Formosus was exhumed, re-tried, and again constitute hangdog. read more reviews about edubirdie at This sentence, according to accounts, Formosus’s cadaver was decapitated so thrown into the Tiber.

Since so, the Catholic Church has prohibited any futurity strong-arm prosecutions of foresighted drained remains, according to Kim Seabrook in her 2009 ariticle for . Besides, Pontiff Formosus and his acts were posthumously reinstated

Pontiff Formosus: Hangdog or Clean-handed?

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